Turret Wars Retro

Turret Wars Retro 1.7.7

Enjoyable and simple shoot-em-up


  • Good graphics and sound
  • Easy to play
  • No complicated rules or strategy to understand


  • Only a handful of scenarios available in demo
  • Unlimited ammunition could make things too easy

Very good

If you like your games fast and furious but not too complicated with a touch of strategy at the same time, then you might like Turret Wars Retro.

Turret Wars Retro is a simple fast paced 3D arcade game, where as the name suggest, it's all about blowing-up other turret guns before they get you. When you start the game, you can select a wide variety of screen resolution settings and a graphics quality from "Fastest" to "Fantastic" which is a rather confusing grading system. You can also select to keep the game windowed from the start so it doesn't consume your whole screen. Clicking on "Input" reveals the controls (mainly the cursor keys) and allows you to configure them too by clicking on each one.

There are 6 playing environments in Turret Wars Retro each with their own difficulties and strategies or you can select RANDOM and let the game choose for you. You can also choose from four different gun turret types, each with slightly different weapon and armor or projectile features. Finally, you can choose to fight against between one and seven other computer controlled gun turrets in three different difficulty levels. Each difficulty level also introduces differing wind conditions.

When you start, a small map in the bottom right hand corner shows you where the turrets you have to destroy are. To see more closely however, the trick is to fire missiles in their general direction so that you can gauge at what angle you need to point your turret. The principles are very simple and its quite absorbing trying to aim your turret precisely at the right angle to take out your enemies. Your armor can take around 10 to 15 shell hits but after that, its game over and on your first try, you won't get very far.

If you want to prove how good you are at Turret Wars Retro, High scores are saved on the developer game server so you can compare your scores against other players around the world, based on difficulty level, environment and enemy turrets being fought.

The fact that you have unlimited ammunition could make Turret Wars Retro a little too easy once you get to grips with the game but its quite an absorbing game for those that like battle games that are very simple to play.

Fixed occasional inability to fire after rockets are launched


  • Fixed occasional inability to fire after rockets are launched
Turret Wars Retro


Turret Wars Retro 1.7.7

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